1. Great blog – you should write a book Ross – what a free spirit you are – closer to God than anyone every day!!


  2. Nice blog Ross, and nice photos too. Haven’t seen you for about 30 years – saw Gordon last night, and he mentioned you had a blog, so had to look you up.
    Looks like you are living the dream!


  3. Hey Ross. Very informative review on the Scarpa freedom. I too struggle with a low volume foot and eternal blisters to deal with on multi day tours. Any thoughts on the latest Scarpa range would be appreciated. Cheers. Dave (NZ)


  4. Ross, I am eternally envious on the life you lead, great blog, great photographs and start your book, you have packed in some amazing adventures, share them, inspire others to make the jump from I wish, to I will.


    1. Graham, you were one of the few people I met in the ‘industry’ that wanted more than what the day job had to offer and wanted a bit more out of life. You inspired me and gave me hope when the 9-5 was holding me back and restricting me from getting out and after it. I’m eternally grateful that you, Stephan and Alan agreed to let me do that 6 weeker to NZ that started a lifetime of trips gathering diamond studded memories. Best wishes and I hope that boat is feeding your adventurous spirit.


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