There is a certain thrill to climbing pure steep water ice and Chamonix is perfectly placed geographically between the venues of Cogne and Kandersteg. These lie on opposite sides of the main east-west mountain divide and so one or the other will come into condition no matter which direction the autumn and winter storms predominate from. Chamonix also hosts plenty of its own ice venues from single to multipitch, walk and ski approaches.

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Guiding ratio 1:1 and 1:2


Ross Hewitt Guiding ice Cogne Adrian NelhamsRoss Hewitt Guiding ice Cogne Calum MuskettRoss Hewitt Guiding ice CogneDSC03588IMG_3906IMG_1574IMG_3109IMG_0200IMG_0203IMG_0568IMG_1559IMG_1562IMG_1567IMG_1980IMG_1998IMG_2025IMG_2058IMG_2064IMG_2075IMG_2282IMG_2283IMG_2296IMG_3100IMG_3127IMG_3137IMG_3160IMG_3231IMG_3911Ross Nuit BlancheRoss on Nuit Blancheross_hewit_cogneRyler nuit blanche 1

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