🇬🇧 Travelling on a glacier may seem quite a mellow activity for strong skiers used to steeper terrain but the unseen hazards of snow covered crevasses pose a real risk that catch people out time and again. Its not good enough that your friend knows a little about glaciers, you yourself should have a foundation in glacier travel knowing how and when to rope up, how to build and anchor and how to choose the appropriate hoisting system for a crevasse rescue (read about Petzl’s RAD system here).

Whether you are a skier wanting to ski off the Midi, or a novice alpinist with aspirations for coveted alpine routes, travelling safely on a glacier should not be overlooked. This 1 day course will give you the skills and confidence required to follow your dreams.

đŸ‡«đŸ‡· Voyager sur un glacier peut sembler une activitĂ© assez douce pour les skieurs forts habituĂ©s Ă  un terrain plus escarpĂ©, mais les dangers invisibles des crevasses enneigĂ©es posent un risque rĂ©el qui surprend les gens Ă  maintes reprises. Il ne suffit pas que votre ami connaisse un peu les glaciers, vous devriez avoir vous-mĂȘme une base en voyage sur glacier sachant comment et quand s’encorder, comment construire et ancrer et comment choisir le systĂšme de levage appropriĂ© pour un sauvetage en crevasse (read about Petzl’s RAD system here).

Que vous soyez un skieur dĂ©sireux de skier au large du Midi, ou un alpiniste dĂ©butant avec des aspirations pour des itinĂ©raires alpins convoitĂ©s, voyager en toute sĂ©curitĂ© sur un glacier ne doit pas ĂȘtre nĂ©gligĂ©. Ce cours d’une journĂ©e vous donnera les compĂ©tences et la confiance nĂ©cessaires pour rĂ©aliser vos rĂȘves.

Glacier travel and crevasse rescue equipment

Approaching a heavily crevassed zone dictating the use of knots on the rope
Under the Grandes Jorasses

Glacier Travel

Whether you want to explore to the remote corners of the Planet or traverse the Valley Blanche, knowing when and how to rope up to protect yourself from crevasses is an essential skill

Building Anchors

Should a member of your team fall in a crevasse, building an anchor is the foundation of any hoisting system used in the rescue. Anchors can be made from skis, ice axes or ice screws depending on the situation.

Hoisting Systems

Hoisting systems give the necessary mechanical advantage to pull someone out of a crevasse. Knowing which system to deploy is crucial, 2:1. 3:1, 7:1 and Petzl RAD Systems explained.

Safety comes with increased knowledge.

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