Chile and Argentina offer some fantastic skiing with the resorts opening in mid June and the back country season in its prime through September into October.

The Chilean Lake district is home to several volcanoes which can be skied, some dormant and others like Villarica and Ilama have constant streams of vapour issuing from their craters. Everyone should ski a volcano once in their life and these conical mountains offer a unique uninterrupted 360 degree view over the beautiful Chilean lake district.

The Argentinian town of Bariloche is nestled in northern Patagonia on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi. The town centre has a Bavarian theme to it and the nearby ski resort of Cero Catedral provides plenty of opportunity to regain the ski legs after a summer of not skiing. The main attraction is the beautiful Frey Refuge which sits in the heart of the mountains and offers a very warm welcome to ski tourers with its fantastic home made pizzas and wine collection. The surrounding mountains are similar to Chamonix’s Aiguille Rouges and offer skiing on all aspects and angles. For South America these peaks are at the perfect altitude to catch the snow and escape the worst of the Patagonian winds. Powder is routinely served up and enjoyed here!

South America is also famed for its steaks and Malbec which won’t disappoint!

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