I was in at the Dubh Loch 2 weeks ago to climb Vertigo Wall with some friends, and while we geared up, I spotted the direct looking nearly as icy as it was a couple of years back in the mega winter of 2010. I had half a mind to go for that but we had an arrangement to go do Vertigo Wall and I was just up for some quality climbing. Funnily enough while I was climbing the first pitch on the classic but who was to appear but Guy and Greg. I’d spotted two crossing the loch a good way behind us and thought it was more likely a team going for Hanging Garden at that late hour – Guy’s getting a reputation for sleeping in! While I was belaying I got a chance to watch Greg smoothly climb up the first pitch and snatched a few shots of him. Their ‘out the wrapper’ tools certainly proved very necessary on that thin ice!

1. Greg Boswell starting out

2. Greg Boswell on P1

4. Greg Boswell on P1

6. Greg Boswell on P1

7. Greg Boswell on P1

9. Greg Boswell on P3


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