For this trip I hooked up with my friend and fellow Scot, Evan Cameron, who was living in Dunedin at the time. We travelled all round the South Island climbing in the mountains, sailing the fiords, swimming in rivers, sleeping on beaches, surfing, bouldering, walking. He had dislocated his shoulder a week before I arrived and carried a vial of morphine everywhere and gave me strict instructions on how to put his shoulder back in should it pop again.

The most vivd memory is getting caught in a storm sailing in the Marlborough Sounds and the boat getting knocked flat every five minutes with the mast in the water. I don’t think the boat owners ever sailed in bad weather because there was nothing to secure the drawers and pans were soon flying as the hull rolled 90 degrees. In the middle of the night one of the sail’s securing ropes wore through and the roller jenny sail got ripped open and immediately shredded. The next day dawned beautiful and calm and another yacht sailed past looking at our battered and tattered boat. Terrifying.

New Zealand 2006-2

Bivi Site Below Malte Brune after Morraine Bashing up the Tasman Glacier
New Zealand 2006-3

The Remarkables New Zealand 2006-6 New Zealand 2006-7

The Lake at Queenstown from the RemarksNew Zealand 2006-8 New Zealand 2006-9

Traversing the Remarkables After a Multipitch Route New Zealand 2006-12 New Zealand 2006-13

Bouldering Near QueenstownNew Zealand 2006-14

A moments respite from the rain in our 1 man tent, Bevan Col, AspiringNew Zealand 2006-15 New Zealand 2006-16 New Zealand 2006-17

Camping Below AspiringNew Zealand 2006-18 New Zealand 2006-19 New Zealand 2006-20 New Zealand 2006-21 New Zealand 2006-22 New Zealand 2006-23 New Zealand 2006-24

On the summit of AspiringNew Zealand 2006-25 New Zealand 2006-26 New Zealand 2006-27 New Zealand 2006-28 New Zealand 2006-29

Descending Bevan Col in Heavy RainNew Zealand 2006-30 New Zealand 2006-31 New Zealand 2006-32 New Zealand 2006-33 New Zealand 2006-34 New Zealand 2006-35 New Zealand 2006-36 New Zealand 2006-37 New Zealand 2006-38 New Zealand 2006-39 New Zealand 2006-40 New Zealand 2006-41

West Coast Fury, Charleston CragsNew Zealand 2006-42 New Zealand 2006-43 Payne’s Ford – Sports Climbing and Swimming PoolsNew Zealand 2006-44 New Zealand 2006-47 New Zealand 2006-48

The calm before the storm, we spent the next night with the mast in the water every 5 minutesNew Zealand 2006-51 New Zealand 2006-53 New Zealand 2006-54 New Zealand 2006-55 New Zealand 2006-56 New Zealand 2006-57

Stunning Organ Pipes at Lover’s LeapNew Zealand 2006-58 New Zealand 2006-59 New Zealand 2006-60 New Zealand 2006-61 New Zealand 2006-63

The DarrensNew Zealand 2006-64 New Zealand 2006-65

Waiting for the rock to dry, DarrensNew Zealand 2006-66

Trying to avoid the seepageNew Zealand 2006-68

View West from Hommer TunnelNew Zealand 2006-69

Darrens RockNew Zealand 2006-70 New Zealand 2006-71 New Zealand 2006-72 Raining Again!New Zealand 2006-73

The ChasmNew Zealand 2006-74

When it rains, it poursNew Zealand 2006-75 New Zealand 2006-76 No Need to Wash Dishes, Just Put Them in the Rain OutsideNew Zealand 2006-77

Looking for Rock to Climb in the Jungle?New Zealand 2006-78

Mitre PeakNew Zealand 2006-81

Wye CreekNew Zealand 2006-82

The Weekly WashNew Zealand 2006-83 Old Faithful, 1.0 Litre Ford Laser Estate CarNew Zealand 2006-84

Siberia Flats, en Route to Mount AwfulNew Zealand 2006-85 New Zealand 2006-86 New Zealand 2006-87 New Zealand 2006-88 New Zealand 2006-89 New Zealand 2006-90

Long walk on to find wet rock followed by a longer walk outNew Zealand 2006-91 New Zealand 2006-92

Frisby at Flock HillNew Zealand 2006-95 New Zealand 2006-96 New Zealand 2006-97 New Zealand 2006-99 New Zealand 2006-101Christchurch PeninsulaNew Zealand 2006-102

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