For some reason its been about 7 years since I visited Foron crag, which is a shame because the steep featured limestone is a real joy to climb set against a backdrop of rural French hill farms. The Brits have nicknamed the crag ‘forearms’ as they will always come away worked over. Its was great fun to climb with fellow Berghaus team mates Philippe and Anna Gatta for the first time who beasted me into the ground – its been a couple of years since I pulled down hard enough to operate consistently in the 7s throughout the whole day – I love it though, only one way to get stronger! Foron Anna Philippe Gatta-2Foron Anna Philippe Gatta-1 Foron Anna Philippe Gatta-10

Foron Anna Philippe Gatta-9 Foron Anna Philippe Gatta-8

Philippe cruising 7C on 1st redpoint.Foron Anna Philippe Gatta-7 Foron Anna Philippe Gatta-5

Voyage – A long 7b that traverses the lip of the steep upper cragForon Anna Philippe Gatta-4 Foron Anna Philippe Gatta-3


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