Our last trip out was to the Grand Perron and the classic Shiny Happy People. Its a great time of year to head up there picking myrtille berries along the way and admiring the views of the Chardonnet and La Verte. The 7 pitch route is bolted throughout (spaced on easy ground) and generally slabby on sound rock and little vegetation. The exception is the 6a+ 4th pitch which goes diagonally through some steeper ground so be prepared to start pulling! The summit holds a commanding position to hang out over the dam and its turquoise waters.Miollet Grand Perron Michelle Blaydon-3Miollet Grand Perron Michelle Blaydon-4Miollet Grand Perron Michelle Blaydon-5Miollet Grand Perron Michelle Blaydon-6Miollet Grand Perron Michelle Blaydon-7Miollet Grand Perron Michelle Blaydon-8Miollet Grand Perron Michelle Blaydon-9Miollet Grand Perron Michelle Blaydon-10Miollet Grand Perron Michelle Blaydon-11Miollet Grand Perron Michelle Blaydon-12

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