So you are all used to me posting photos from the rad places our skiing adventures take us and thats cool, but what you are seeing is the result of a team of unsung heroes who go that extra mile to make sure I’ve got the best chance of succeeding on my latest project. And I’m not talking about major sponsors, they get tagged in all the media posts and regram, retweet through their own channels. I’m talking about the guys on the ground in my home town who help me out day in, day out, and who I have a massive debt of gratitude. They are the unsung heroes:

Colleen at Chamonix Sports Massage helps loosen up all the fascia and tendons  as they start to bind up from day in, day out use in the mountains combined with the evils of sitting a desk for hours with poor posture and insufficient stretching. Chamonix Sports MassageI’m not so indestructible these days and the occasional tomahawk or face plant seems to knock out ribs, collar bones and vertebrae. How the hell I ever coped with the big stacks on downhill bikes is a wonder but these days Carlton the osteopath at La Clinque du Sport does a brilliant job of putting everything back in its place.     clinic du sportJules and Damien at the Bootroom ensure I have race fit boots pushed round all my bones spurs to fit like a glove and never tire of me coming on to get replacement buckles and power straps that have been ripped off. Damien Jules Concept Pro Shop Chamonix provides the best professional service for ski tuning and binding mounting. Craig and Davide will give you a friendly pro service and on Tuesday evenings give you a beer while you wait for your skis.concept pro Graham and Colin at Footworks are the guys I go to for general kit tweaks, workshop mods and replacement stuff that I broke or lost. Without them I’d be stuffed. sport alpin

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