Sunkissed Rock on the Grand Cap

We went to the Grand Cap rock climbing. We almost bivied but at last moment threw in a tent as it was a ski in. I shivered from 3-5am until I realised that John was awake to. It seemed highly unlikely we would be going rock climbing at 3800 m. How did I just have one of my coldest nights ever in the mountains while in a tent when its 20 C during the day! After a few brews to warm up and having my feet in and out of my touring boot liners to rewarm them we legged it from the tent to route where the sun was already hitting. What followed was sublime day out on perfect rock, all the more sweet as it was so unexpected in the middle of the ski season and having barely touched rock for months. I’d been wanting to climb this monolith for 15 years. Thanks to John McCune for a great day.

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