Voie Kohlmann, South Face of the Midi

I had a great day out with my good friend Andy Houseman a couple of weeks back. We went up late and decided to climb whatever was free. Kohlmann offers excellent climbing in corners and cracks on similar quality granite as the rest of the south face.Somehow I managed to second across the crux wall on tiny crimps without pulling on the aid!SAM_0736-2 SAM_0737-2 SAM_0740-2 SAM_0745-2 SAM_0749-2 SAM_0754-2 SAM_0755-2 SAM_0757-2 SAM_0765-2 SAM_0767-2 SAM_0769-2 SAM_0772-2 SAM_0777-2 SAM_0778-2

Return to Rock

After a quick warm up on Mont Oreb’s ‘l’Ete Indiane to get back into things, we spent 3 back to back days last week escaping the 35 degree valley heat on the perfect golden granite on South Face of Midi 3842 m climbing Kolmann (6a+), Contamine (7a) and Jules de Chez Smith (6b). With cooler temperatures this week we were able to hit the fingery Zone at Gietroz and sample some of its impeccable gneiss.20140611_091503 20140613_114605 20140613_095650 20140613_085059 20140613_074230 20140612_103907#1 20140612_102747 20140611_120613 20140611_110814 20140611_110745#1 20140611_110432 20140611_103543 20140611_093837Ramche Hyper-12Ramche Hyper-7