Michelle and myself enjoyed a lush day on the midi on its first day of opening after bad weather. It was relatively quiet after the Christmas and New Year holidays with only locals on the bin up. My friends were headed into the Rond which I thought might be stripped by the NW wind and we decided on a nice powder run down Grands Envers in the sunshine.

Its funny to look at video footage and realise that the pitches are split into short sections of skiing, 8 secs, 14 secs etc, while skiing the mind is going quite slow and it feels alot longer.  The whole of Grand Envers must add up to about 5 minutes actual ski time!

After Grands Envers Michelle had some work to do so I went back up hoping to catch the boys for a run but was out of sinc with them so went for a for a quick run down the Rond to get some steep practice and continued down the edge of the Bossons glacier to the tunnel and then to the Grepon car park. I met up with the boys a few days later and was amused when they told me the hadnt done the Rond since it had looked so icy. It was.

Final run of the day with Michelle had us leaving the Midi with only Glen Plake and Thomas Greenhall sharing the mountain with us. After a look into the Cosmiques we decided it had been stripped back alot so we went to Gros Rognan and savoured some sweet powder turns and stunning sunset colours on La Verte. A superb day and nice to start to get some mileage in the legs.


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