After a couple days away with work and being desk bound I was keen to get for some exercise and my friend Nico ‘Muscles’ Magnin had been noising me up to get out for a day before his guiding work started in February ( . I met Nico while training for the probatoire (ENSA entry). Nico and myself both have a competitive cycling background, his on the road and mine on mtbs. One day during our training we had to run from Chamonix to the Pillier Rouge of the Blaitiere carrying sports climbing kit. Nico was about 45 mins quicker than me, definitely quite a gifted set of genes! Anyway yesterday we had a fantastic day on the ice doing 4 lines. I havent climbed steep ice for a few years now so it was good to get some mileage in and regain a feel for it. Thanks Nico!

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