Paul AKA The Sloth showed up in town for his pow hit last night. The forecast was for dust on crust so we surprised waking up this morning to find a few inches of snow. A quick run down the valley to pick up his Shiros and we were off to Grands Montets for some freeride.  A quick run down Lavancher on awsesome snow got the juices flowing and we met Philip, Rob and Fleur at the bottom. We joined them for a few runs in the Magic Forest which definitely lived up to its name today. My back was still bar tight after being desk bound, travelling and climbing this week and I started the day thinking a bit sneeze might have me hospitalised. After a couple of runs we started to feel it and had a few epic runs flat out thru the forrest hitting pillows, drops, jumps and trying our best not to hit each other at high speed. On one of the runs we came across a clearing that was like something out of a Canadian ski movie – a real pillow droppers heaven. I love days like this when you have zero expectations and they turn out oh so sweet. I was a bit jealous of Paul’s Shiros as they look more maneouverable than my katanas in the tight but hey ho will launch the kuros tomorrow. No photos today – no chance of stopping to take any!

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