The other day we sat in the house during the evening mesmerised by the snow falling at 20 cm per hour. On attempting to drive to friends Philip and Nora for dinner the 4×4 function failed and had us slide into various bushes before giving up and getting the car as far up our hill as possible and abandoning it.  Walking home frustrated and knowing the temperature would rise in the morning destroying the skiing conditions, I rushed in the door and told Michelle to get ready for some night skiing. We ploughed up through light fresh new snow up the old Bossons blue run to the top of the chair. Quickly removing the skins and getting mtb nightlights out we swooped off down the run through the trees under the old chair enjoying some of the lightest, coldest and fluffiest snow I can remember in the Alps. Every turn had blower pow pass over your head.

The next morning had the valley shut down due to the snow and the team queueing at les Houches waiting for the Prarion to open. How does it take 2 hours to clear snow from the lifts these days? By the time we got up the temp was rising fast and the snow turning to cement. Savouring the night before it wasn’t quite as frustrating as we called it quits and headed to the bar.

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