At this time of year the crew are like a pack of filthy junkies, always after a bigger hit, easily disappointed by snow quality and expectations generally way too high. Then sometimes you get out of bed, the internet says the top bin is closed but you go anyway. Then there are public announcements to say everything will open late and you sit there thinking that by the time it opens the window will be gone and what was the point in getting up at 630am. But then contrary to all information it opens and you are whisked into a magical sparkling world blanketed by 40 cm of untracked fresh providing a cushion over everything and enabling some fast skiing. All is forgiven.

That said, after 10 weeks of sunshine and touring my glutes just arent in shape for explosive plyometric freeride skiing and today they feel like they’ve been tenderised with a baseball bat!

The title refers to the our group who somehow miraculously got separated during the day. Everyone knows to regroup at the lift, no? Ooops, I guess I have been naughty (again).

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