When you wake up to scenes like this outside the window its obvious its going to be a great day of lift served pow. Instead, we went touring. It took ages to get anywhere, the -20C snow was pretty cold on the feet, I fell in a hole on a ridge up to my neck, our line ripped, all quite frustrating.  Then Brevent saved the day with a few laps of 1500 m vertical pow.

Brevent pow 17_01_2013

Brevent pow 17_01_2013-2

Brevent pow 17_01_2013-3

Brevent pow 17_01_2013-4Brevent pow 17_01_2013-5Brevent pow 17_01_2013-6

Sweet late afternoon light on the Brevent
Brevent pow 17_01_2013-7

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