The weather has been poor the last week with several inches of rain a day so we decided to take the bus to Pucon and go ski some volcanoes in the next window. Taking the bus allowed us to absorb the spectacular scenary and rugged landscape along the way but was also trying at times while we lugged our kit around San Martin in the downpour looking for somewhere to stay the night. Arriving in Pucon Chile it was surprising how warm it was in comparison to Argentina and with no snow in site below the cloud ceiling we were questioning our wisdom.

A day at the thermal pools was called for to relax and soak in the surroundings before hitting the volcanoes when the weather finally comes good.Pucon down days-7Pucon down days-5

Volcano Lanin at the border between Argentina and Chile looking ominous in the first light of day as we waited on the bus to get across the border.Pucon down days-9Pucon down days-8Pucon down days-13

Thermal pool time.Pucon down days-14

Several days of heavy rain.Pucon down days-22

Michelle liked this pipe as it was full off geothermically heated water. 
Pucon down days-24 Pucon down days-25 Pucon down days-28

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