After our trip to Lanin I had a couple of rest days in Bariloche then with good freeze thaw spring cycles decided to go solo and attempt the Frey-Jakob-Lopez loop in 2 days. Frey Cerro Catedral Jakob-4 Frey Cerro Catedral Jakob-5Good food at beer at Manush.
Frey Cerro Catedral Jakob-3 Frey Cerro Catedral Jakob-2 Frey Cerro Catedral JakobFrey Cerro Catedral Jakob-6

The view from the watershed looking down to Jakob on the peninsular on the right side of the lake.
Frey Cerro Catedral Jakob-7 Frey Cerro Catedral Jakob-8 Frey Cerro Catedral Jakob-10

Looking out the hut window you are greeted with the face you have to climb the next day.Frey Cerro Catedral Jakob-11

During the long hut night the guardian Claudio’s daughter does her homework by candlelight.
Frey Cerro Catedral Jakob-12

The stars were amazing, shame my photo isn’t!Frey Cerro Catedral Jakob-13 Frey Cerro Catedral Jakob-14 This face shut me down. After climbing steep neve up a ramp from right to left I encountered deep unbonded powder on ice at the level of the buttress in the upper centre of the face and had to downclimb. Frey Cerro Catedral Jakob-15

The 45 degree skyline ridge on the left is the face you have to climb to get access to the plateau.Frey Cerro Catedral Jakob-16Final ski back towards Catedral.

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