High Altitude Darts And An All Time Passerelle

I’ve been walking past this one for the last 15 years and its never really looked that appealing with runnels, glazed snow, climbers, dropped objects, skiers, Japanese tourists etc. But when we went up for a quick Grands Envers in a window on Monday I took my usual glance over and was surprised that the snow looked really flat.

With no better plans Dave Searle, Si Christie and myself dropped in the next day. 120 m down a tourist decided to use Si as a dart board. Lucky the ski pole hit him handle first. (thanks!). A little further down another tourist’s ski is protruding out of the snow in the couloir.

Skis on, ready to go, I looked down and noticed the pivot on my boot looked loose and was worried about it coming completely undone. Not much choice but to forget about it at this point!

The snow was unbelievable; soooo deep, very cold, sluffing, fluted and did I mention deep? We all went in with low expectations and came out with massive smiles., the best pow of all time!

Dave Searle going in with the audience of tourists.

Waking up now.

Cold in here.

Me skiing, photo © Dave Searle.

And again, photo © Dave Searle.


Si in the upper couloir.

We didnt expect this.


Deeper. Searler showing he is back from tibial plateau fracture in December.