The first adventure of the season was to an often overlooked line that provided superb situations and stunning views. About 1000 m up from the glacier lands you at the top of the line. Despite being on the sunny side it was bitterly cold and my feet were continuously painful and on the wrong side of cold. The prolonged exposure to the cold in Baffin has definitely taken its toll and I will be investing in some warmer liners later in the week!  After months of solid office work it feels great to be back into the mountain and synchronising with the natural rhythm of life, having fun and working the body hard.
Trident Couloir ChardonnetTrident Couloir Chardonnet-2 Trident Couloir Chardonnet-3Trident Couloir Chardonnet-4Trident Couloir Chardonnet-5Trident Couloir Chardonnet-6Trident Couloir Chardonnet-7Trident Couloir Chardonnet-8SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCTrident Couloir Chardonnet-10Trident Couloir Chardonnet-9Trident Couloir Chardonnet-12Trident Couloir Chardonnet-11SAMSUNG CSC

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