Bel Oiseau SW Couloir

Corn harvesting on Bel Oiseau south west couloir  from the summit to the dam with Minna Riihimaki and Tommasco Cardelli. The day got weird near the end.SAM_165020150324_11473211082786_1035299126498934_46938582_n11086986_1035299099832270_1295628945_n
20150324_11523011076099_1035299116498935_1150591757_n 11080117_1035299073165606_685652870_n

Getting the angle on the line to see if there’s enough snow.
11081558_1035299069832273_1919977922_n11075852_1035299046498942_625539789_n (1)20150324_125203 20150324_125205 20150324_125333 11080052_1035299039832276_359607625_n11079740_1035299013165612_1320488062_n20150324_125920 20150324_125920(0) 20150324_125920#1 11081761_1035299003165613_813811992_nComplicated terrain below, looking for the deepest gully that will have snow. Guides training coming in useful!
20150324_130525(0) 20150324_130541(0) 20150324_130542 20150324_130825 20150324_132021

Bush trimming done.20150324_132530


Into the Hobbit hole.11082714_1035298873165626_985351346_n11094373_1035298829832297_192090_n


A long walk in the dark with only a phone as a torch. We found some strange things. 11051230_1035298863165627_1692623301_n20150324_134932Before Tommi opened the door to freedom we were climbing this ladder in the pitch dark trying to hold our only source of light, a phone!