Alaska 2008 – Ruth Gorge

This was an amazing trip into the Ruth Gorge with the Benson twins and Nick Wallis. We were blessed with stable deep sluffy powder and enjoyed skiing in the Japanese couloir the West Face of Barille and some easier tours.  We built a large snowhouse which was large enough for the 4 of us and made for a civilised dining. At nights the Northern lights shown brightly with orange, reds and greens, although with -30C temps we didnt hang around outside the tent for long. also snuck a couple heli runs in, be rude not to in AK!Alaska 007

En route towards the Moose’s ToothAlaska 014 Alaska 018 Alaska 022 Alaska 027

Trenching up Japanese CouloirAlaska 035 Alaska 036

Rooster’s Comb Alaska 042

Getting steeper in Japanese CouloirAlaska 048 Alaska 057 Japanese CouloirIMG_0022

Orca Lodge, PNH CordovaIMG_0045 IMG_0091 IMG_0364

Kelly Gray looking after us
IMG_2108 IMG_2125

Our snowhouse in the Ruth GorgeIMG_2270 IMG_2544ed Pete1

Me skiing a run called 'happiness'. Photo: Pete Benson
Me skiing a run called ‘happiness’. Photo: Pete Benson
West Face Barille

Ecrins 2004

The Ecrins is a magical place, big mountains with a remote feel and few people there in winter. Arguably its much better suited to ski touring than Mont Blanc range with a lot more terrain in the 30-40 degree range. In total I spent 2 months there with a road trip south to the beach at Nice through the beautiful provencal village Entrevaux.  
Ecrins 2004-3

Quiet lanes in La GraveEcrins 2004-4

Ice climbing in Vallon de Diable.Ecrins 2004-5 Ecrins 2004-6 Ecrins 2004-7 Ecrins 2004-9

A busy day at La GraveEcrins 2004-11 Ecrins 2004-12 Ecrins 2004-14 Ecrins 2004-15 Ecrins 2004-16

Kiting at Col de LauteretEcrins 2004-17

La GraveEcrins 2004-18

Briancon’s fort.  Ecrins 2004-19Ecrins 2004-20 Ecrins 2004-21 Ecrins 2004-22

The Davin CouloirEcrins 2004-24

Looking up the Davin. Ecrins 2004-26

Sunsets near Dignes les BainsEcrins 2004-27 Ecrins 2004-28 Ecrins 2004-29

The strip at NiceEcrins 2004-30 Ecrins 2004-31 Ecrins 2004-32 Ecrins 2004-33 Ecrins 2004-34 Ecrins 2004-35 Ecrins 2004-36 Ecrins 2004-37

EntrevauxEcrins 2004-38 Ecrins 2004-39 Ecrins 2004-40 Ecrins 2004-41 Ecrins 2004-42

La Meije Ecrins 2004-44 Ecrins 2004-45

Ice in La GraveEcrins 2004-46 Ecrins 2004-47 Ecrins 2004-49 Ecrins 2004-50

Old La GraveEcrins 2004-51 Ecrins 2004-52

Trous de La Mouche – road trip to Les AravisEcrins 2004-53 Ecrins 2004-54 Ecrins 2004-55

Glacier Blanc HutEcrins 2004-56 Ecrins 2004-57 Ecrins 2004-58 Ecrins 2004-59 Ecrins 2004-60 Ecrins 2004-61 Ecrins 2004-62 Ecrins 2004-63

En Route to Domes de Neige des EcrinsEcrins 2004-64 Ecrins 2004-65 Ecrins 2004-66

Ailefroide with its winter coatEcrins 2004-67

Cheeky localsEcrins 2004-69

In the DavinEcrins 2004-71 Ecrins 2004-72 Ecrins 2004-73 Ecrins 2004-74 Ecrins 2004-75 Ecrins 2004-76 Ecrins 2004-77 Traversing Dome MonetierEcrins 2004-78 Ecrins 2004-79 Ecrins 2004-80 Ecrins 2004-81 Ecrins 2004-82 Ecrins 2004-83 Ecrins 2004-84 Ecrins 2004-85 Ecrins 2004-86 Ecrins 2004