Alps 2005

This Alpine trip was fantastic and covered a few areas, starting out in Les Ecrins in January we ice climbed and ski toured before moving North to Chamonix. There we spent one cold day at the end of January climbing the Swiss route on Les Courtes on squeeky neve. Then we headed East into La Valais to ski tour on the Breithorn and Monte Rosa areas, finally finishing off in the Chamonix area skiing some classics like Col de Cristeaux and the Armencettes. Alps 2005-6 Alps 2005-7

La Grave Icefalls, Andy Benson on the LeadAlps 2005-8 Alps 2005-9 Alps 2005-10

Hey Fella!Alps 2005-11
The Davin Couloir and Les Agneaux Alps 2005-14 Alps 2005-15 Alps 2005-16 Alps 2005-17 Alps 2005-18 Alps 2005-19 Alps 2005-20

Quiet Day at the Hut in the EcrinsAlps 2005-21 Alps 2005-22 Alps 2005-23

Crux Pitch, Vallon DiableAlps 2005-24

Me After a Stunning Ice RouteAlps 2005-25

The Benson Twins and Nick Wallis in the EcrinsAlps 2005-26 Alps 2005-27

Nick Wallis above Col de LauteretAlps 2005-28

Alps 2005-29 Alps 2005-30 Alps 2005-32 Alps 2005-33

La Verte and Les DrusAlps 2005-34

Heading off up the Swiss Routes on Les Courtes
Alps 2005-35 Alps 2005-40 Alps 2005-41

Aiguille du Midi from Le MontAlps 2005-42 Alps 2005-45

Teams competing in the MezzalamaAlps 2005-46 Alps 2005-48

Summit Ridge of the BreithornAlps 2005-50

The Mezzalama Heading over Castor and PolluxAlps 2005-51

The Schwarze Glacier next to the Breithorn

Alps 2005-54

The Matterhorn at Dawn from Monte RosaAlps 2005-55

At the Monte Rosa HutAlps 2005-56

Monte RosaAlps 2005-57

MatterhornAlps 2005-58 Alps 2005-59

CouturierAlps 2005-60

Window Shopping in the Argentiere Basin. i.e. waiting on weatherAlps 2005-61 Alps 2005-63

Y CouloirAlps 2005-64 Alps 2005-65

Col des CourtesAlps 2005-66

Col de CristeauxAlps 2005-67

The NE on Les CourtesAlps 2005-68 Alps 2005-69

Heading into the ConscritsAlps 2005-70 Alps 2005-71

Me and the West Face of Mont Blanc Alps 2005-72

Ryler on Domes de MiageAlps 2005-74

Skiing down the ArmencettesAlps 2005-75 Alps 2005-76 Ryler at the Argentiere HutAlps 2005-77

Alps 2005-78

Ryler, Wolfgang, Thomas, Jessica and Friends on Col de CristeauxAlps 2005-79

Dawn on Mont DolentAlps 2005-82

Mark Ryle on Col des Cristeaux and some Glacier ArtAlps 2005-83 Alps 2005-84

Old Skool, Argentiere Basin Steeps on Altitrails!Alps 2005-85 Mark Ryle on Col des Cristeaux

Ecrins 2004

The Ecrins is a magical place, big mountains with a remote feel and few people there in winter. Arguably its much better suited to ski touring than Mont Blanc range with a lot more terrain in the 30-40 degree range. In total I spent 2 months there with a road trip south to the beach at Nice through the beautiful provencal village Entrevaux.  
Ecrins 2004-3

Quiet lanes in La GraveEcrins 2004-4

Ice climbing in Vallon de Diable.Ecrins 2004-5 Ecrins 2004-6 Ecrins 2004-7 Ecrins 2004-9

A busy day at La GraveEcrins 2004-11 Ecrins 2004-12 Ecrins 2004-14 Ecrins 2004-15 Ecrins 2004-16

Kiting at Col de LauteretEcrins 2004-17

La GraveEcrins 2004-18

Briancon’s fort.  Ecrins 2004-19Ecrins 2004-20 Ecrins 2004-21 Ecrins 2004-22

The Davin CouloirEcrins 2004-24

Looking up the Davin. Ecrins 2004-26

Sunsets near Dignes les BainsEcrins 2004-27 Ecrins 2004-28 Ecrins 2004-29

The strip at NiceEcrins 2004-30 Ecrins 2004-31 Ecrins 2004-32 Ecrins 2004-33 Ecrins 2004-34 Ecrins 2004-35 Ecrins 2004-36 Ecrins 2004-37

EntrevauxEcrins 2004-38 Ecrins 2004-39 Ecrins 2004-40 Ecrins 2004-41 Ecrins 2004-42

La Meije Ecrins 2004-44 Ecrins 2004-45

Ice in La GraveEcrins 2004-46 Ecrins 2004-47 Ecrins 2004-49 Ecrins 2004-50

Old La GraveEcrins 2004-51 Ecrins 2004-52

Trous de La Mouche – road trip to Les AravisEcrins 2004-53 Ecrins 2004-54 Ecrins 2004-55

Glacier Blanc HutEcrins 2004-56 Ecrins 2004-57 Ecrins 2004-58 Ecrins 2004-59 Ecrins 2004-60 Ecrins 2004-61 Ecrins 2004-62 Ecrins 2004-63

En Route to Domes de Neige des EcrinsEcrins 2004-64 Ecrins 2004-65 Ecrins 2004-66

Ailefroide with its winter coatEcrins 2004-67

Cheeky localsEcrins 2004-69

In the DavinEcrins 2004-71 Ecrins 2004-72 Ecrins 2004-73 Ecrins 2004-74 Ecrins 2004-75 Ecrins 2004-76 Ecrins 2004-77 Traversing Dome MonetierEcrins 2004-78 Ecrins 2004-79 Ecrins 2004-80 Ecrins 2004-81 Ecrins 2004-82 Ecrins 2004-83 Ecrins 2004-84 Ecrins 2004-85 Ecrins 2004-86 Ecrins 2004

New Zealand 2002

This was my first trip to New Zealand and very much an exploratory foray into the wilds sampling  green lakes, beach balls, burning sun, weetabix rock, moraines, long approaches, white sandy beaches, quantum boulder fields, more moraine, awesome people and amazing mountains. Di on choss Hast Ridge Di Haast Ridge 1 Di on Hooker Di on Summit Rocks Cook Ev Nazomi Ev on Nazomi Fish Wall Paynes Ford Gardiner Ev Di Hicks Cook Hicks Hooker Ev Di Ross Hooker Morraine Hooker sea of clouds La Perouse from Nazomi Lake Pu Lake Pukaki from Chopper Les Minarets Longbeach lower Tasman frm plateau M balls Mount Cook Mt Roy from T Cone Mt Sefton and Mueller glacier from chopper Mts Silberhorn and Tasman Nazomi Quantum Field Arthur's Pass 1 Quantum Field Arthur's Pass Ross and Cook from Glacier Dome Ross Bouldering at Paynes Ford 1 Ross Burning Sky 1 Ross Crime and Punishment 5 Ross Elephant Rocks V4 2 Ross Mt Dixon frm Gd Plateau Ross on Cook 1 Ross on Cook 2 Ross Quantum Field Ross Thug's Wall Paynes Ford 2 Sefton Footstool Sheila face of Cook Tasman at dawn Tim Eric at Plateau hut Tor on Treble Cone Treble Cone Upper Tasman from Cook Upper Tasman View from Treble Cone 1