How Good

Col d’Entreves had lots of snow earlier this week and we enjoyed a fast freeride run down the headwall with the Chamonix crew of Seth Morrison, Nate Wallace, Luca Pandolfi, Davide de Masi and Tof.

The Grand Gervasutti

My last day on skis in 2013 European winter season was a privilege to ski one of the all time classic steep lines. Grand Gervasutti


A short edit from Luca from a day out on the Gabarrou route on Les Courtes.

PS – EPIC TV chose the title – not us!

My tracks, Cordier-Gabarrou, Courtes
My tracks, Cordier-Gabarrou, Courtes

June Skiing

Here’s the latest edit from Nate:

The Grand Gerva

At last the Gervasutti Couloir on Tacul. A dream for over ten years. Each time I skied the Vallee Blanche there it was, like the ultimate temptress.  Its one of my top 3 ski lines alongside the Couturier and Marinelli. All unbroken ski lines on stunning mountains.

Tom and myself headed up off the first bin and on Tacul met Nate who came over to the top to evaluate conditions with his connoisseur’s eye. It didn’t take him long to decide abandon his own plans for the day and come for an unexpected run!

Thanks guys!

Grand Gervasutti

The couloir is 800 m vertical of 45-55 degrees.Gervasutti Couloir

Tom negotiating the cornice.Gervasutti Couloir-tom grant 3 Gervasutti Couloir-tom grant 4 Gervasutti Couloir-tom grant 5 Gervasutti Couloir-nate wallace 6

Nate skiing.Gervasutti Couloir-nate wallace 7 Gervasutti Couloir-tom grant 8 Ross Hewitt Grand Gervasutti 1

Me getting over the cornice. Ross Hewitt Grand Gervasutti 2

Initial turnsRoss Hewitt Grand Gervasutti 3

And further down the line.Nate Wallace Tom Grant after Grand GervasuttiYes – smiles all round.