We planned for a 2 day stay in the Couvercle refuge and set off carrying food, stove and gas for the stay. On the approach to the hut the wind kept getting stronger and snow quality for skiing was deteriorating rapidly. At the hut we stopped for an hour or so to brew tea and wait and see if the wind  would drop.  We could see the big South facing ski lines were covered in wind polished, crusty snow, there wasn’t going to be any good skiing in the Telefre basin the next day. We decided to take our kit and go home via the Nonne Eveque which would be sheltered from the wind and contain good snow. I have been wanting to go there for a few weeks now as its not often that the moraine is easily passible and the hot afternoon sun usually runnels this West facing line.  Its a great line, never that steep, with the added interest of a narrow ice choked chimney at its base. Breche Nonne Eveque route 1

Nonne Eveque Couloir

Photo credit: Phil Ingle. Check out his page at http://philingle.com/breche-nonne-eveque/Nonne Eveque-9Nonne Eveque-1926th Feb 2013 Nonne-EvequeNonne Eveque-24Nonne Eveque-32Nonne Eveque-34Nonne Eveque-38Nonne Eveque-42Nonne Eveque-5226th feb Nonne-Eveque


    1. Hi Phil,

      I actually meant to just use my photo, it was a bit of an oversight leaving yours in on the post. Apologies for that. I’ll leave it there, credit it and put in a link to your site.

      Always loved your site, you certainly got most of the good skiing done in Cham while you were here.

      Nonne Eveque was good with some pow down skiers left and slight ice glaze on the couloir bed. Rosenbarger was headed that way too off same bin, this time going in from couvercle side which is what we did.



      1. Hi Ross

        Cheers for your reply.

        It was a bit sun affected bottom left when we skied it as well. After looking over the other side of the breche, I would have definately come up the other way if I ever did it again, so you made a good choice.

        Enjoy your time in Cham – it looks like you are 🙂




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