Plan A was to got the Verte. The day before I went up the Midi on a recce and was greeted by bitter cold due to northerly air flow.  This was hardening the snow and would also mean alot of time trying to keep the extremities warm. Time for Plan B; this also started from Grand Montets but in the morning the wind was too strong for the lift to open so now it was time for Plan C; the Belvedere East ramp. We found very variable snow on the way there with thick wind crust dominating but once in the wind shadow of the Belvedere there was a lush amount of powder. The bowl above the ramp was out of the shelter and heavily wind effected so we skied from there.

Thanks Sylvain for the photos.

Belvedere east ramp Ross Hewitt-22

Belvedere east ramp Ross Hewitt-2Belvedere east ramp Ross Hewitt-4Belvedere east ramp Ross Hewitt-9Belvedere east ramp Ross Hewitt-16Belvedere east ramp Ross Hewitt-17Belvedere east ramp Ross Hewitt-21Belvedere east ramp Ross Hewitt-23

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