Mmmh, can’t see jack shit, download? Fack off you pouff, we’re going to Mallory – Eugster and you lot can hold hands on the Frendo.

The Eugster Couloir on the North Face of the Midi.


Brett Lotz’s final day in ChamEugster_-12

Brett on the roll over.Eugster_-18

Bird Early, not so early and a bit hungover, stoked to join us and on the catch up.Eugster_-19

Shaeffer finding the Midi North Face clears a hangover in less than 5 turns.Eugster_-25 Eugster_-31

Happy days, Lotz o banter.Eugster_-35

Bird arcing out the turns to the demi lune.Eugster_-42

Brett approaching the demi luneEugster_-46 Eugster_-57

Cedric heading down the Eugster Couloir as it starts to snow.


Brett further down the couloir heading to the abseil.Eugster_-84

In the final couloir with Eugster direct in the mist.

Bird skiing ice glazed crap in flat light while its snowing. Some rain would have softened it up!Eugster_-100

Bird on the exit.Eugster_-111

Delighted at the prospect of a cold one!

Thanks for a fun day guys – Bird Early, Cedric Bernardini, Brett Lotz.

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