The North Face of Aiguille du Midi – Eugster Couloir

The plan was to go to the Grand Gervasutti on Tacul with sunshine forecast. Tom and myself had bivouacked the previous night to get an early start but half way up Tacul in 20 m visibility it became clear that the weather had changed and we turned round and returned to the Midi completely rimed up battling the cloud and wind. Arriving at the Midi the next morning we found out that opening was delayed till 1030 so that put and end to that Gervasutti attempt. Instead we settled for a run down the North Face in Eugster Couloir. Back at the mid-station there was some technical hitch and we waited several hours until 1830 to get down. Not a good logistics day at the Midi!

Thanks to Tom, Mika and Marcus for a good day out. Eugster-2 Eugster-12 Eugster-16 Eugster-21 Eugster-28 Eugster-31 Eugster-32Mika took the following photos – Thanks Mika!

IMG_5849 IMG_5914 IMG_5939 IMG_5947 IMG_5961 IMG_5964 IMG_5987



Tournier Spur entry to Col du Plan

I promised myself I was going to chill out and get ready to go to the mountains the next day. When I woke up there was a little FOMO going on after the storms of the last 2 days and 15 minutes later I was down at the Midi promising myself I would only go to take photos.  But on the ride up it was clearly the Midi May day with snow plastered everywhere and I joined Luca Pandolfi and Mikko Heimonen for a run.

I don’t think anyone had been over the Tournier Spur this year and it had been looking icy until recently so I was pretty nervous hearing the ice under the guy’s boards and had to use  axes to get down a 5 m section. A couple more storms and it will be awesome. Apart from this small section we found great snow top to bottom. 
IMG_3758 edit

Tournier Col du Plan-3 Tournier Col du Plan-12 Tournier Col du Plan-17 Tournier Col du Plan-22 Tournier Col du Plan-34 Tournier Col du Plan-40 Tournier Col du Plan-47 Tournier Col du Plan-51 Tournier Col du Plan-54 Tournier Col du Plan-66 Tournier Col du Plan-85 Tournier Col du Plan-110 Tournier Col du Plan-116 Tournier Col du Plan-130

The North Face of Aiguille du Midi – Mallory

Yesterday I was back up the Midi for some more North Face action, this time on the Mallory. Tom Grant, Bird and myself teamed up with Mika Merikanto and Niko Palo for this Chamonix test piece. Thanks guys for a mind blowing run!

MalloryMallory-01Mallory -3

Bird enjoying the pow.Mallory -8 Mallory Ross Hewitt-03

Mika, myself and Stephane Dan at the demi-line.Mallory -38

Tom Grant crushing it.Mallory -44Mallory Ross Hewitt -07

Me skiing.Mallory Ross Hewitt-08Bird and me.

Mallory-09 Mallory -49

Mika & Tom with Stephan Dan and Alex Pittin below.Mallory -53Mallory Ross Hewitt-012Mallory-013Mallory-014

On the diagonal.Mallory-015 Mallory

“Hello, yeah I’m busy, call you back”.
Mallory -76

Bird on the mandatory rap.
Mallory -93 Mallory -102 Mallory -106 Mallory -121 Mallory -131

Mallory -141

Elevation time anyone?

The North Face of Aiguille du Midi – Eugster


Mmmh, can’t see jack shit, download? Fack off you pouff, we’re going to Mallory – Eugster and you lot can hold hands on the Frendo.

The Eugster Couloir on the North Face of the Midi.


Brett Lotz’s final day in ChamEugster_-12

Brett on the roll over.Eugster_-18

Bird Early, not so early and a bit hungover, stoked to join us and on the catch up.Eugster_-19

Shaeffer finding the Midi North Face clears a hangover in less than 5 turns.Eugster_-25 Eugster_-31

Happy days, Lotz o banter.Eugster_-35

Bird arcing out the turns to the demi lune.Eugster_-42

Brett approaching the demi luneEugster_-46 Eugster_-57

Cedric heading down the Eugster Couloir as it starts to snow.


Brett further down the couloir heading to the abseil.Eugster_-84

In the final couloir with Eugster direct in the mist.

Bird skiing ice glazed crap in flat light while its snowing. Some rain would have softened it up!Eugster_-100

Bird on the exit.Eugster_-111

Delighted at the prospect of a cold one!

Thanks for a fun day guys – Bird Early, Cedric Bernardini, Brett Lotz.