I’m just back from a rock n road trip to Finale and heard things were good so rushed down to the Midi to catch the mid morning window of opportunity. Bird and Minna were coming out of the cafe and Camille soon joined. I’d been expecting to ski alone so didn’t have my SLR which was a shame for the big wide open skiing in the Cosmiques. Conditions are pretty epic right now and it was bottomless powder to the bottom – what a way to get back on skis after a week off! Thanks to Bird, Minna Riihimaki and Camille Jaccoux.
Cosmiques Couloir_

Minna in the starting gate.Cosmiques Couloir_-4

MinnaCosmiques Couloir_-6

and again
Cosmiques Couloir_-9

Bird and his plumeCosmiques Couloir_-13

CamilleCosmiques Couloir_-15

Bird  Cosmiques Couloir_-26 Cosmiques Couloir_-34

Cosmiques Couloir_-38 Cosmiques Couloir_-40 Cosmiques Couloir_-41 Cosmiques Couloir_-44 Cosmiques Couloir_-47

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