Argentiere Training Loop

This is one of my favourite touring loops in the Argentiere basin which is continually interesting as it provides the variety of skinning, bootpacking, scrambling, rope work and some couloir skiing. I’m not going to give away any details excpet to ay I regularly see Killian on it before he goes on to tag a few other peaks. Usually its pretty quick but before they opened the top GM tram it felt considerably longer with the bonus skin from Bochard over the Col des Rachasses and it ended up being a 6 hour day – its nice to get some mileage for those big 12-15 hr days that lie ahead and just for general base fitness to be able to ski every day. Besides, being alone in the Argentiere basin and hanging out below those beautiful big walls is well worth that effort.


New Zealand Ski Trip

In ten days time I will be questing off to New Zealand with Tom Grant with the hope to ski some of the lines in the big mountains there.  My good friend Evan Cameron lives in Christchurch and has already been skiing some great lines on his days off from doctoring so conditions look promising and I hope to share some turns with him in the Cook Range. Its almost ten years since we skied together in AK.  Another friend and ex-Chamonix resident lives in Wanaka so the trip will be social whatever the conditions in the mountains and there’s always plenty great of sport climbing on the Wanaka rock as a fall back plan!

Its 4 months since my last turns on the East Face of the Matterhorn so next week I will have to get up the Midi and make some turns to get the feel back and acclimatise.


Ross and Cook from Glacier Dome

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Brevent Rock Climbing – Premier Corvee and Ex Libris

2 days of very contrasting weather in; the first uber hot and sunny with Davide de Masi on Premier Corvee, the second misty, damp and cold with James Clapinski wrapped up in all the clothes we had. Both were fun in their own ways. Both fun routes worth doing.

Premier Corvee Ross HewittPremier Corvee Ross Hewitt-2Premier Corvee Ross Hewitt-5Ex Libris Ross Hewitt-2 Premier Corvee Ross HewittPremier Corvee Ross Hewitt-2Ex Libris Ross Hewitt-3 Premier Corvee Ross Hewitt-3 Premier Corvee Ross Hewitt-4

Bonne Etique – Trident

A fine day out with my buddy Davide de Masi on impeccable granite cracks last month. Definitely some of the best rock I’ve been on in the massif and I’m inspired to go back and climb the ‘Untouchables’ pitch next year when I am rock fit.
Bonne Etique Ross Hewitt_Bonne Etique Ross Hewitt_-20Bonne Etique Ross Hewitt_-21Bonne Etique Ross Hewitt_-3 Bonne Etique Ross Hewitt_-6 Bonne Etique Ross Hewitt_-8 Bonne Etique Ross Hewitt_-11 Bonne Etique Ross Hewitt_-12 Bonne Etique Ross Hewitt_-15 Bonne Etique Ross Hewitt_-16 Bonne Etique Ross Hewitt_-17 Bonne Etique Ross Hewitt_-18

The Grand Gervasutti Couloir

Tom Grant and myself had a look at the Diable Couloir this morning on the East Face of Tacul. It wasn’t happening so we skinned back up Mont Blanc du Tacul and skied the Grand Gervasutti – its an awesome plan B to have and we are lucky in Chamonix. I got a bit of a shock when I dropped in – there were some people climbing it about 700 m below, fortunately they were out of our sluff line – I’ve not heard of people doing that for 20 years!

Gervasutti Diable Hewitt Grant-2Gervasutti Diable Hewitt Grant-3Gervasutti Diable Hewitt Grant-4 Gervasutti Diable Hewitt Grant-7Gervasutti Diable Hewitt Grant-6Gervasutti Diable Hewitt Grant-8Gervasutti Diable Hewitt Grant-9The Grand Gervasutti is the 800 m line centre right.Gervasutti Diable Hewitt Grant-10Gervasutti Diable Hewitt Grant-11Gervasutti Diable Hewitt Grant-12