Pillow Lines

More fun in the backyard pillow lines at the powder factory.

Plan de L'Aiguille pillows1


Philip launching in.Plan de L'Aiguille pillows-11And riding out strongly.Plan de L'Aiguille pillows-13


Deep.Plan de L'Aiguille pillows-14

Deepest.Plan de L'Aiguille pillows

I probably need to move quickly!Plan de L'Aiguille pillows-2Ben testing his new ski acquisition.



Its that exciting and hectic time of year for me again, getting finished work, Christmas shopping, packing up and getting ready to drive to Chamonix for the winter. This year has been faster and more furious than ever before and I have had a lot of fun reliving some of the moments from 2012 putting this together and getting psyched for this winter:

Blower Powder Days

Sponsored athlete Leanne Callaghan (aka Ginger Wookie) is out visiting having just won the female British Ski Tour Championships at Flegere and we were joined by friend Philip and Nora for a fun powder day. We scored a line of cold untracked sluffy blower for some sublime sensations.

Bouldering, Beer, BBQ

With a period of poor weather approaching in the mountains it was time to swap skis for rock shoes and visit our backyard boulders. As usual at this time of year the feeling is one of being as weak as a kitten but its early days yet and I’m featherweight after 80 odd days in the mountains this winter so far. With the cooler weather, contact was perfect.

Afterwards we lit the BBQ and had a couple of beers and had the pleasure of meeting  Philip’s 80 year old father who was visiting.


Philip in holiday mode after work.

Philip going for the one handed ascent holding a beer.

Beer landed safely.

How come no one told me I am sporting a mullet in the making. Time for a haircut!!

Last rays.



Always drink responsibly. Contrary to Scots thinking, beer does not qualify as part of a balanced diet as one of the five a day.