A Photo Essay- 1st Descents Down Under

With it starting to feel autumnal here in North Wales and seeing all the ski porn flooding in from the southern hemisphere, I’ve started to dream about skiing again and am looking forward to some sensual turns in the powder. Here is a short photo essay about trip Tom Grant and myself did last October to New Zealand’s Southern Alps.  We skied 18 days out of a 25 day trip, losing 2 days to lost bags and 1 to a blown camper van engine. The highlights were skiing on the east face of Mt Cook and first descents on Elie de Beaumont’s west face and Darwin’s south face.

A big thanks to Evan and Mandy Cameron, Mel Cash & Stefan Austin, Shane Orchard, Cam Mulvey and Beau Fredlund for your hospitality, beta and good times.

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New Zealand 2002

This was my first trip to New Zealand and very much an exploratory foray into the wilds sampling  green lakes, beach balls, burning sun, weetabix rock, moraines, long approaches, white sandy beaches, quantum boulder fields, more moraine, awesome people and amazing mountains. Di on choss Hast Ridge Di Haast Ridge 1 Di on Hooker Di on Summit Rocks Cook Ev Nazomi Ev on Nazomi Fish Wall Paynes Ford Gardiner Ev Di Hicks Cook Hicks Hooker Ev Di Ross Hooker Morraine Hooker sea of clouds La Perouse from Nazomi Lake Pu Lake Pukaki from Chopper Les Minarets Longbeach lower Tasman frm plateau M balls Mount Cook Mt Roy from T Cone Mt Sefton and Mueller glacier from chopper Mts Silberhorn and Tasman Nazomi Quantum Field Arthur's Pass 1 Quantum Field Arthur's Pass Ross and Cook from Glacier Dome Ross Bouldering at Paynes Ford 1 Ross Burning Sky 1 Ross Crime and Punishment 5 Ross Elephant Rocks V4 2 Ross Mt Dixon frm Gd Plateau Ross on Cook 1 Ross on Cook 2 Ross Quantum Field Ross Thug's Wall Paynes Ford 2 Sefton Footstool Sheila face of Cook Tasman at dawn Tim Eric at Plateau hut Tor on Treble Cone Treble Cone Upper Tasman from Cook Upper Tasman View from Treble Cone 1