Day 3 in Italy. Both dehydrated and a bit tired first thing in the morning. Alpine cold greets us in the shadows. Snow to cold for the skis to slide. Welcoming sun at the col. Col d’Entreve and a Marbree on the menu.
Col d'Entreve-13 Luca PandolfiA quick look over the shoulder to make sure the snow isn’t slabbing then go.

Col d'Entreve-27 Luca PandolfiTurn 6 exiting the 40/45 degree headwall of Col d’Entreves. Its a rare occasion that I’ve ridden Alaska style on the Euro Big Mountain lines.

Col d'Entreve-48 Luca PandolfiCol d'Entreve-62 Luca Pandolfi

One fooked exit.

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