Tour Ronde Brenva

This week I have had the fortune and pleasure of two runs down in the Brenva cirque in great powder throughout the 2000 m + descent. The first run entered the Brenva Glacier down Couloir Cache, the second time we took the South West Couloir from the summit of Tour Ronde. This time I enjoyed the company of Michelle and Andy Benson.Tour Ronde Brenva-2Tour Ronde Brenva-3Tour Ronde Brenva-5Tour Ronde Brenva-10Tour Ronde Brenva-13Tour Ronde Brenva-16Tour Ronde Brenva-18Tour Ronde Brenva-19Tour Ronde Brenva-27Tour Ronde Brenva-28

The Brenva Face of Mont Blanc in the background.Tour Ronde Brenva-34

The amazing backdrop of the icy North Face of the Aiguille Blanche de Peuterey, first skied by Anselme Baud and Patrick Vallencent, and its impressive rocky East Face which has only been skied by Italian Maestro Stephano de Benedetti in the early 80’s. De Benedetti poetically describes his motivation and rewards for taking on the immense psychological challenges of Big Mountain Skiing in the clip below from the movie ‘Steep’. Check it out:

Tour Ronde Brenva-52

Tour Ronde Brenva-60Tour Ronde Brenva-63Tour Ronde Brenva-65Tour Ronde Brenva-64

More Couloir Cache Photos

Sylvain sent me through his photos from yesterday’s run:Couloir Cache-2 Couloir Cache-3 Couloir Cache-4With a lot of fresh cooking in this suntrap I tied on to make the traverse to the couloir.Couloir Cache-5 Couloir Cache-6 Couloir Cache-7 Couloir Cache-8 Couloir Cache-9 Couloir Cache-10 Couloir Cache-11 Couloir Cache-12 Couloir Cache-13 Couloir Cache-14 Couloir Cache-15 Couloir Cache-16 Couloir Cache-17 Couloir Cache-18 Couloir Cache-19 Couloir Cache-20 Couloir Cache-21 Couloir Cache

Couloir Cache



5 star day out in the Brenva cirque with Sylvain Reynaud. Never had it so good from the top to the bottom on this 2000 m run. 
Couloir Cache

The Couloir starts at the demi-lune. A very exposed traverse gains the entrance.Couloir CacheCouloir Cache-3CouloirCache-4Couloir Cache-5Couloir Cache-6Couloir Cache-7Couloir Cache-8Couloir Cache-9Couloir Cache-10Brenva Cache-11Brenva Cache-13Brenva Cache-14Brenva


I was trying out a new compact the other day in Italy but didn’t quite suss it out while on the hoof. However there were a couple of ok shots. Italian snacks kept us going until we got home for a proper feed.Helbronner Michelle BlaydonHelbronner Michelle Blaydon-2 Helbronner_-3

Luca getting excited about his dough boobie.Helbronner_-2

Luca didnt make these pizzas.

Italy Day 3

Day 3 in Italy. Both dehydrated and a bit tired first thing in the morning. Alpine cold greets us in the shadows. Snow to cold for the skis to slide. Welcoming sun at the col. Col d’Entreve and a Marbree on the menu.
Col d'Entreve-13 Luca PandolfiA quick look over the shoulder to make sure the snow isn’t slabbing then go.

Col d'Entreve-27 Luca PandolfiTurn 6 exiting the 40/45 degree headwall of Col d’Entreves. Its a rare occasion that I’ve ridden Alaska style on the Euro Big Mountain lines.

Col d'Entreve-48 Luca PandolfiCol d'Entreve-62 Luca Pandolfi

One fooked exit.