Rectiligne – Grand Envers – Rond. Great to ski with Bjarne and John for first time. And it was blower. Rectiligne GE Rond-9Dave Searle on the Rond exit couloirScreen Shot 2014-01-28 at 18.57.10

Me opening Rectiligne Couloir in perfect -20C blower.Rectiligne GE Rond

John and Bjarne Salen is in there somewhere!Rectiligne GE Rond-2BjarneRectiligne GE Rond-3

SearlerRectiligne GE Rond-4Rectiligne GE Rond-5

Rectiligne GE Rond-6Rectiligne GE Rond-7Rectiligne GE Rond-8Rectiligne GE Rond-10

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