Baffin Island Film Teaser

In April 2014, Marcus Waring, Michelle Blaydon, Tom Grant and myself travelled to the North East Fiords of Baffin Island which are situated between mainland Canada and Greenland. There we spent 30 days unsupported in the fiords, travelling 240 km using kites and skins and skiing 26 couloirs along the way. Many of the lines were first know descents.

Here is a teaser for our forthcoming film:


Rectiligne Couloir, Pas de Chevre

First bin up Grands Montets. The mercury reads -20C. We’ve queued for an hour and the cold has crept insidiously up through the soles of ours boots and numbed our toes. The snow in the Pas de Chevre is untouched and it will be a race to there first. Running down the stairs creates some warmth but as I ski into shady Pas de Chevre the wind chill is impressive and I feel my cheeks and nose freezing and I have to stop to rewarm my hands. As we drop into the 400 m straight chute of Rectiligne Couloir its like showering in -20C with overhead blower stripping any remaining heat from my body… but its also subliminal and it would be sacrilege to stop.

Photos from Dave Searle

Rectiligne Rond-2Rectiligne Rond-3Rectiligne Rond-5Rectiligne Rond-4Rectiligne Rond


Rectiligne – Grand Envers – Rond. Great to ski with Bjarne and John for first time. And it was blower. Rectiligne GE Rond-9Dave Searle on the Rond exit couloirScreen Shot 2014-01-28 at 18.57.10

Me opening Rectiligne Couloir in perfect -20C blower.Rectiligne GE Rond

John and Bjarne Salen is in there somewhere!Rectiligne GE Rond-2BjarneRectiligne GE Rond-3

SearlerRectiligne GE Rond-4Rectiligne GE Rond-5

Rectiligne GE Rond-6Rectiligne GE Rond-7Rectiligne GE Rond-8Rectiligne GE Rond-10